Just sitting back trying to decide if microwave synthesis has really made it. Maybe my coffee was a little too strong — with all the compare and contrast looking back at the shifts in organic and medicinal chemistry it would seem the obvious answer is yes, but I have to think if you drill down into what we all do as chemists, maybe not as much as I would like to believe.

You see I started today thinking of a small cliff notes on specific cycloadditions under mw irradiation – then I thought well, where is the real impact here. When I think of branding or remissioning a shift in message as “combinatorial chemistry” I pause and see that some of the big names on our field grabbed it and did a few papers and left it up to the masses to drive the product — and for all practical purposes, unless you are answering a key scientific question, libraries have been an afterthought in recent years. Next – microwave as well as many other technology movements enhanced or changed some of the strategies applied – and to be honest there are so many who just don’t jump in – or their chemistry hasn’t provided a heating component to lend itself. Or how about some of the recent big hitters – metathesis, Pd-mediated couplings C-C, C-N. In some ways the vastness of their application has dumbed down some of your applications — fortunately for these transformations, there are some highend chemists applying their ingenuity to new problems. So then I come back to something like microwave synthesis – -where is it making strides? more complex systems, macrocycles, inorganic material synthesis, med chem — wide net but no giant steps transfering this technology to new heights.

Ha,ha! enough of that — I will get back to looking at ways people want to dig into their mw sitting at the end of the bench.