Just thinking about the way resourcing links goes and the amount of time people research a particular topic so I thought I would start a list of labs utilizing microwave strategies as a category — something different than a journal or instrument site. The advantage is that you can take a moment to see who is pushing the technology to next level — we start today with Dr. Nicholas Leadbeater at the University of Connecticut — he is by far the preeminent leader doing microwave methodologies in the United States, today and over the last decade. Take a look through the complete list (with pics and everything) of equipment used in his laboratory over the years — everything from parallel small scale to biodiesel and full scale production processes. As a lab dedicated to synthetic methods, his focus is moving into flow reaction chemical methodologies. And for fun, check our his take of Walter White’s Breaking Bad synthesis of Meth….I found it fun to listen to. Cheers and stay tuned for additional labs and work across the globe.