Some important advancements in the area of scale-up and feasibility for microwave synthesis have taken place. Most researchers will do a heavy amount of internet searching to find something that will help their development and strategies. The information is out there and has been reviewed in a number of new books on the technology. For today, if you are thinking about a single batch process of obtaining 1k+ in under and hour UpScale Microwave is a good choice to look at: I have included an example of a demo showing the instrumentation and reaction set-up. Although the spec is a little low for all reactions a healthy amount of chemistry can be performed in this way….especially to cut the costs of advanced large scale intermediate synthesis.

A second microwave design has been posted a few times on the blog utilizing a single reaction pot technology, thus enabling several reactions or solvents to be screened in a single operation (pre-pressurized chamber with a rack of reactions or a single large reaction). The high temperature and pressure specs (300C and 199 bar) make this unit an advanced way of running DOE studies in order to obtain optimized conditions in a short amount of time. The added ability to add gas in a simple and safe way extends the net of reactions which can be performed.